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I (Pukkasilvia) bought Japsters s12 13 years after last driving it. It's totally rotten and been off the road for a very long time... It's having a full restomod and taking it's crown back as one of the best s12s of all time!

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The original  Silviashrine was a blog site going back to the early 2000's when a 2.2mb photo was a big upload. 
This build is now mostly Vlogs on my YouTube channel.  Here you can see all the major changes going on with the restomod

This includes the fitment of new wheels, a new body kit  new engine parts , and a lot of new metal

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Before tin worm and age kicked in Japsters s12 was painted in Rover monogram iab paint, A chromoflair paint that went from blue to purple, green etc, It had a Silvia Engineering Monaco front splitter and bonnet, rover 220 blended in rear spoiler, and a modified tessarossa side skirt kit made for the s12 closer to the 80s.
It ran 520hp on a greddy td06-25g with a greddy manifold  and a forged ca18det from Norris Designs. The Engine uses HKS cams,adjustable vernier pulleys, trust conrod,greddy pistons, billet crank , ported polished head . When the greddy died it was replaced with a smaller unit with Fuchs less lag . A garrett gt3071r custom with forge actuator. It ran around 450hp at time of last map on run in of the new turbo.

An s14 gearbox is also used and has quaiffe internals. Transmission was finished with a 3.7 cw/p from a 280zx .Management is by Omex and the last map was by Thor . Greddy 720cc(asaik) injectors, webber rising rate fpr and Bosche grp b 044 type pump handled the fueling.

Standard type suspension was used with lowering springs. updated gas dampers fitted to the rear.

Iron s14  front 4 pot calipers were fitted using back pad spacers to adjust to the thinner s12 disc.
Wheelmania 17 inch wheels with Pirelli tyres

It was geared for 181mph and JAPSTER clocked 165mph on GPS with still more pull in it when in his ownership. .



Well. .... A lot has changed.
The old sideskirt kit had to be ripped off from its filler and bonding as the sills underneath had completely rotted away( watch some of the Vlogs on this)The wings, floor, A pillar bottom, subframe mounts, inner sills, boot hinge mounts, drivers footwell  and rear pockets have all had go be custom fabricated and replaced with new metal. All of this has ment that the lovely paint job got ruined in the process.I bit the bullet  and coughed up 700gbp for a GPkit from AVB sportsIt left a lot to be desired. Not a great fit at all but it will work .
Bonnet is being replaced with a mk1 bonnet with fj20 type square bulge on it. I got a fibreglass one of these from 'silviagod (Yes he is still in the s12 world too!)
New wheels are needed to fill the arches so  some nice looking but budget dish wheels have been fitted. 9j front and 10j rear
I've got s13eaters old front coilovers that are McPherson strut/rally design mods. I put these on with new adjustable camber tops and inserts. 

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